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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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helicopters, divers, and other aircrafts look for bay area missing fishermen. we will tell you how officials from northern california are helping in the search efforts. what the santa clara stadium authority did last night that sets up a process to build a new stadium for the 49ers in santa clara. casey anthony acquitted of murder. the surprising reaction pouring in this morning from her own family. president obama hosts an online town hall meeting this morning. the way you can get your
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questions answered by the commander and chief. the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday, july 6th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we have a lot more fog today. from there is a big fog bank out there. yesterday it was very shallow and didn't make much of an impact but today it will. now here is sal. steve, right now 880 is getting very slow. that is because of a crash up at 29th about a mile away from here. you can see traffic is stepping up. approaching the coliseum. you can see northbound 880 traffic up on the left of your screen is thick. now the accident is not injury but they are having trouble getting it out of the right
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lane. also this morning we are looking at the san mateo bridge. that traffic looks good heading out to 101. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. a search will continue off of mexico's coast for seven missing fishermen who's boat capsized and sank. most of the passengers are from right here in the bay area. tara moriarty is joining us live in the newsroom with more on the families and those survivors who are hoping and hoping. tara. >> that is right. three brothers from the bay area survived the boat wreck. their little brother brian long of berkeley is still missing. every hour that goes by hope gets hit with reality. the coast guard says the good thing the water is so warm people could survive. if you have no water to drink that 72 hour window has passed. 35 crew members and passengers were able to swim to shore clinging to life vests life rafts or life coolers. seven americans are still missing. six of them from northern
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california. mostly here in the bay area. survivors worry that some of the missing may not have made it out of the boat since the storm struck so suddenly and fur roarly at 1:30 in the morning. we spoke to may lee of san ramon who's husband is still missing. she says her husband was retired and put the needs of his daughters before himself. >> sacrifice throughout most of his life for me and the girls. it wasn't until the girls we got them through college that he really started you know taking vacations and just you know enjoying life. >> reporter: lee shared this video with us. it's a similar fishing trip her husband organized last year. it was the third time he took the trip aboard the air rick. lee is on the far right hand side of the group photo taken shortly before they got on board.
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the search team will board 200 feet down to look for survivors passports and keys. the u.s. coast guard sent aircraft to the baja yesterday and plans to send more today. we may have live pictures of that to show you later this morning. live from the newsroom i'm tara moriarty. just last night, plans to build a new 49ers stadium cleared a big hurdle. kraig debro joins us from santa clara where some key elements of that plan were approved. >> reporter: basically what they did last night was set up a process so when they start to build the stadium, businesses will have a chance will have a structure a little know how of how to get their bids in. this will be built across the street. the stadium is right over here across the street. that is why it's so important for the 49ers to have that stadium here. here's what the stadium
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authority did. last night they approved a procurement process. they will hire sub contractors and about half of the construction work. about $500 million. the authority also approved a sports agency. they will be selling psl or personal seat licenses for the new stadium and those sales of the psl's will go on sale next january. right now the 49ers and the rest of the nfl are in a owner lockout. the current labor agreement with the players is not providing them with enough money to make much. the 49er have pledged to pay about half the cost of the stadium. now this is not a done deal. san francisco hasn't officially given up on the team moving down to santa clara and last major step major hurdle would be nfl approval that has not yet happened. i have gotten e-mails and phone
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calls into people that were at the meeting last night. reporting live kraig debro. san francisco police are searching for a woman that threw bleach into another woman's face and hit her with a glass bottle. the suspect is a woman in her 40s driving a white four-door accra. the motive is not clear but the victim is expected to survive. 6:06. a man's body was found inside of an abandoned gas station in concord. investigators said someone walking by noticed the body in the building yesterday afternoon. we don't know the man's name or how he died. neighbors tell ktvu homeless people often seek shell never abandoned -- shelter in abandoned buildings in that
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area. how did you get in here? >> now this is cell phone video of 47-year-old dion mcdaniel just before he sexually assaulted a woman in oakland last month. mcdaniel was arrested a week later. he has 11 previous felony convictions for burglary, theft and other crimes. this morning a sonoma state university student is expected to enter a plea for a fatal texting while driving crash. she was texting when she drove right through a crosswalk hitting and killing a two-year- old girl and severely injuring the little girl's mother last december. she is charged with demeanor vehicle manslaughter. she faces a year in jail if convicted. time is 6:07. now we are hearing from casey anthony's family after she was found not guilty in her two- year-old daughter's death. we will show you the home of
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casey anthony's family. when the verdict was announced people swarmed into that neighborhood. they gathered outside the home and in the neighborhood woods where little caylee's body was found. family members are shocks at the juries decision. >> i'm appalled and now i'm angry and i say shame on this jury. they are either not too bright or just plain lazy. >> casey anthony's parents in the back right there standing up. they left the courtroom when the verdict was read. they also released a statement calling the defense baseless. saying they want to move on with their lives. the 12 jurors in the case that decided casey anthony's fate has not said anything yet. >> i agreed with it whole heartedly. it was the right decision that was made. the prosecution didn't meet their burden of proof. we had a lot of reasonable
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doubt there. >> casey anthony was found guilty on four counts of providing false information to police. she will be sentenced for that tomorrow. republicans in the senate refused to consider a resolution giving president obama authority to continue u.s. military action in libya. the resolution would have authorized u.s. military operations in libya for up to a year. but senate republicans say they came back from recess to focus on debt and budget issues. they say the libya measure is not the priority right now. and president obama has invited congressional leaders of both parties to the white house tomorrow to continue negotiations on raising the nation's debt limit. the president says he wants a long-term deal rather than a short-term solution to prevent a u.s. default on the august 2nd deadline. house republicans will introduce a bill to cut funding for highways and mass transit by a third. coming up for you at 6:15 we have a live report from our
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washington, d.c. newsroom on what that could mean for transportation projects right here in the bay area. at 11:00 this morning president obama will host a twitter town hall at the white house. anyone can tweet questions about jobs and the economy. the president will not type his answers with twitters 140 character limit. instead he will answer the questions verbally in front of a live audience but then then his answers will be paraphrased and tweeted. jack dorsey will moderate the event. 6:10. sal, somewhere a big deal on 880. what is happening? >> we have a couple crashes there on 880 north and southbound. one of them is northbound at 29th the other one is southbound at fifth. they are not injury crashes. it's taken them awhile to get rid of them. one of our cameras has caught the back up on 880 northbound. although now that backup is gone. that is really good news. i'm glad we have these cameras
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because if not we would have thought maybe the backup was still there. they removed the accident and we can put the super back on. so nice. so nice. let's move along and take a look at 101 at golden gate bridge. traffic on southbound 101 heading through the fog just use caution. there is also fog in parts of san mateo county in beautiful pacifica, daly city fog capitol. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. fog yesterday was very shallow. way down there. didn't do much. it was right open the -- it was right on the coast. there is a lot more of it today. as you just saw the traffic shots. the cooler breeze is trying to filter in. there is signs it's working its way in. travis has a stronger sea breeze today. not howling or anything. it's stronger than yesterday. low clouds and fog. a westerly breeze. 60s to 90s. cool for some. warm for others.
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hot. high clouds south. coming up around the high some tropical clouds right there. just kind of filtering up. not a big deal. even sfo will mention them on there. but you can see a lot of that fog starting to filter in. some of the thunderstorms popping up over the sierra. they should start to move east as the high gets bumped. 50s and 60s. a very cool 52 in san francisco. 67 at travis. travis does have a west, southwest at 16. that is double yesterday. still there is not a howling sea breeze yet. so the leading edge of it is beginning to show itself. a lot of low clouds and fog. cool for some. warm and hot for others. 60s and 70s and 10:s coast -- and 80s coast and bay. 96 brent wood. 72 berkeley. concord 93.
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82 fremont. 80 menlo park. 84 wood side. there is 62 daly city. and 78 san mateo. more fog cooler. time now 6:12. it was only back in april when a hole ripped open on a southwest airlines jet during a flight. now you will hear the radio transmissions as that pilot got ready for an emergency landing. hundreds of state workers are getting a hefty paycheck.
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welcome back to the morning news. the faa has released emergency calls from the southwest plane that made an emergency landing when a three foot hole ripped open during a flight. >> southwest 8-12 is that you? >> declare emergency we lost the cabinnen. currently we've got a hole in the fuse l large. >> further inspection found cracks in the plane and at least 79 planes were rounded so they could be checked out. the faa requires airlines to check their planes more often. something to think about during your morning commute today. congress may make major budget cuts to highway projects and
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mass transit. ktvu scott mcfarland is joining us live in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us how the bay area will becked. >> reporter: less road work and fewer crews. it turns out they are considering cutting that. in a big way. to about $200 billion. a major change. reports this morning from the washington post indicate that they want to make the reductions in part of the deficit crisis. if they spent the original amount, it would require a hike in gasoline prices. >> then the transportation committee we are going to try to narrow the focus and make certain that the taxpayers money is wisely investigated on projects that are truly high- speed or that provide good transportation service.
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>> reporter: local projects in the future could be at risk because this federal transportation money in the past has been used for several vital local word projects. work on the golden gate bridge and caldecott tunnel up and down interstate 880. all of these in question in the fourth. we will hear from barbara box never an hour and a half here. she will talk about transportation funding cuts. live in washington scott mcfarland. we are now learning a somali militant was held and interrogated for two.s on a u.s. navy ship. it's the first pubically known example of the obama administration detaining a new subject. the commission in pakistan that is investigate the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden has told the pakistani government not to allow his residence to leave without
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permission. they were ready to send one of bin laden wives to her native country of yemen. several of their wives have been detained. the commission is looking into how osama bin laden was able to remain hidden in pakistan and the circumstances surrounding the u.s. raid. time now 6:18. more than 1400 california state employees were paid more than $200,000 last year. now this report says 790 of those were doctors, dentists or nurses at prisons. total compensation can be pushed higher by payouts for unused vacation and sick time. for example is a prison doctor was paid $77,000. a dentist was paid $599,000. alameda county may soon
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offer new help to nonenglish speaking voters. they sued the county failing to train enough speakers to serve as poll workers. the justice department also alleged the county did not translate enough ballots into other languages. the county and feds have reached a settlement but it still needs to be approved by the district court. sal did you wake things up at the toll plaza yet? >> yeah it's a little bit woken up. people are showing up. westbound as you head to the toll plazaing meetings lights are on. not too deep if you look over to the left and see the ramp coming in from 880 is not very crowded. you still have a window of opportunity to get there before it gets too bad. this week we might see a little bit lighter than usual condition. some people do tend to take condition this week surrounding fourth of july. this is the whole time of the
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year. we are hoping that will be light. let's move along and take a look at 880 northbound. we had that earlier crash here at 29th. if you are driving on the peninsula. and highwaying down to the south there. we don't have a lot going on when it comes to low traffic. here and there there are brief slow plans. 6:21 let's go to steve. we do have a bit more fog today than yesterday. including san francisco which went from 59 to 82. depending on if you had the fog or not. where are the higher clouds come from? they are come from the desert southwest and blow off from the sierra nevada. they you can see them wrapping back around. for the immediate area look at that fog starting to fill in. it's still rather shallow. there is much more today than yesterday.
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52-67-degree. we sheathiest system digging in the gulf of alaska. that will give inland areas a cool down. the biggest cool down went be until friday and son. so 60s & 70s and 80s by the coast. additional cooling takes us thursday into friday. analysts say drivers shouldn't expect to see another big drop in gas prices this summer. the price at the pump could drop a few more pennys before labor day but they are backtracking on earlier forecast that prices could fall to $3.40 a gallon. right now they are down 30- cents from a month ago. it looks like people are doing the staycation. record attendance at the marin county fair this year. attendance up 5% this year. the second highest level ever. the fair reports ticket sails topped $1.3 million.
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along with record setting food, drink sales, and parking revenue in the fairs history. >> wow. >> we were there for quite a few days. it's great. this is great. the next two hours we will find out where some talented young athletes could be if they make an upcoming olympic change. a body found burning in san francisco. what the victims family says may be a motive behind that crime. if you are driving to the bay bridge. we will have a little bit of backup.
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good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well but the fog is very thick on the golden gate bridge. parts of san mateo and san francisco counties. just be careful drive slowly. time now 6:26. the family of a man who's body was found burned in san francisco's buena vista park last month they want to know if his sexuality could be a reason of the killing. his family says he went to a gay bar in castro on june 9th.
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they found his body in buena vista park. investigators say he was probably killed before if. about 10 minutes from now. the international olympic committee will start voting on which city will get to host the 2018 winter gangs. pee wrong hang -- pyeongchang has the winning bid. it also has strong support from the korean people. ann say -- annecy and germany are the other ones. delegation of olympic ping- pong players at china will be there for exhibition game. this is ed lee welcoming the team to the city yesterday. the event is in celebration of
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of ping-pong diplomacy. >> mayor ed lee is pretty good. he's a good golfer too. there are -- they are still hoping this morning as the search continues for the seven missing fishermen off of mexico's coast and we are hearing incredible survivor stories. >> the city of richmond approves the plan for city ids. it's an idea that is not without critics. it looks like stocks are heading down. we'll tell you why up next.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are ringing in the opening bell this morning. it looks like we will have a down day following what happened overnight in asia and this morning in europe.
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so we will get you those numbers. bottom part of the screen it looks like they are heading lower. >> we will smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us on ktvu morning news. wednesday, july 6th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news right now the search goes on for the seven missing fishermen off of mexico's baja peninsula and at the same time incredible stories of survival are emerging. tara moriarty is in our newsroom now. they have all details of this. >> reporter: survivors grabbed ice chests, life jackets, and life rafts to help them swim to shore. when they reached inside of the coolers, that is where they found hersheys kisses and melted ice. it helped them stay alive for 16 hours in the waters. 35 crew members and passengers were able to swim to shore or get rescued by the mexican
6:32 am
navy. now survivors worry that some of the missing may not have made it out of the boat since the storm struck so suddenly and hard at 1:30 in the morning on sunday while most people were sleeping. we spoke to may lee of san ramon who's husband's done is still missing. he called her before boarding the boat. >> he said i just wanted to hear your voice before we got on the ship because we are getting on in a few minutes. so i just wanted to hear you again. hear your voice before i left. this is the last chance i will speak to you in a few days. i said okay and i said thank you and that was it. >> reporter: lee shared to us this video. today a search team will be diving 200 feet down to the boat to look for survivors passports and keys. many passengers drove down to mexico and now are unable to
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get home. now the u.s. coast guard sent aircraft to the sea of cortez yesterday to help the search effort. these are pictures from sacramento this morning. another c-130 will head down. the coast guard said there could be survivors since the water is so warm. we are learning details about the boats captain trouble he may now be in and what may have lead to the vessel sinking so quickly. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. last night the richmond city council anonymously approved a plan for id cards. this will encourage undocumented workers to stay in richmond. christian joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. it's a topic that packed the city council chambers here last night. they have moved one step closer to approving the id cards that supporters said would help
6:34 am
undocumented immigrants get into the economy and help other homeless members of society. it will allow anyone that has lived in richmond in the 15-30 days to get an id card. richmond's police chief was among those supporting the plan. >> some id that is based on credentials is better than no id. so if we are dealing with an individual out in the community who at least has some id that gives us a starting point. in addition to improving relations with law enforcement, supporters say the id program will help undocumented immigrants and other immigrants to participate in society. critics say the move will strain the city that is already struggling financially. >> i know who i am. if you are not here for 15 days, the state says you have to be a resident for six months
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to be legally notified as a resident. >> reporter: the motion did pass unanimously. the supporters are confident it will pass at the second reading. meanwhile san francisco already has an id plan in place. oakland's plan will be up and running soon. we are live in richmond. our time is 6:34. a big effort to move the 49ers to santa clara has been in the works for years. but after last night it took another step closer to reality. coming up for you at 6:45 ktvu kraig debro will have a a live report on the new developments in the 409ers stadium plan. today oakland police chief anthony bass will discuss his plans to reorganize the force. he says the department needs to be reshuffled because budget cuts have left them with fewer officers. he says a more efficient patrol model is needed to deal with the smaller staff.
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the criminal investigation division will also be adjusted to focus more on violent crime. critics say this will mean that lower crimes such as burglary and theft will not get help. audio recordings from a fatal bart police shooting. >> that guy with the tie die with the open bottle of alcohol he's >> two unidentified bart police officers responded about a minute later the man had been shot and that bart station was shut down. >> shots fired. code three ambulance. he had a knife. officer involved shooting. >> all trains running through do not stop at civic center. >> san francisco police officers quickly responded to question both bart officers involved and possible
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witnesses. yesterday, the coroners office say they have identified the man that was shot as a white man between the ages of 30 and 50. they have not released his name yet. we have an update on pg&e in the power outage in morgan hill. 169 customers are still without electricity. pg&e is hoping to have power restored to everyone by 11:00 a.m.. the problem started yesterday afternoon at about 4:30 when an under ground cable failed. that knocked out power to more than 7,000 customers. by 7:00 p.m., that number was down to 4700. time now 6:37. sparks from a car fire may have caused a grass fire near the al month pass. it burned about 400 acres alongside interstate 80. fire started about 5:30. it was fully contained by about 8:30 last night. no buildings were in danger.
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however, you can see here some power lines were threatened. the search is on for a thief who walked into a san francisco art gallery and walked right back out with a picasso. it happened at the weinstein fallly. he took an original picasso drawing off the wall and left in a taxi cab. it's only about the size of a piece of paper but it is valued at $200,000. >> we as a gallery will take a look at our security measures because my goal is to be able to continue to bring san francisco to his level of our work. >> police are looking at surveillance video to see if the incident was captured on camera. he's described as a well- dressed white man believed to be in his 30s. investigators have impounded the taxi cab that he used to get away.
6:39 am
drunk driving arrests jumped 32%. the chp reports 231 people were -- 251 people were arrested. that is up from 150 drunk dui arrests last year. santa clara had more than half of all the arrest. one person actually died in an alcohol related accident. that is the same as last year. 6:38 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. sal. >> all right pam and dave traffic continues to move along pretty well on this wednesday morning. almost forgot what day it was. westbound 237 slow traffic there. but nothing out of the ordinary. just a brief slow down. and that is the way it is for most of the south bay freeways. we are getting some brief slow downs pap minor accident reported northbound 101 near allen rock. 880 the earlier crash we had has been removed from the lanes and trafficked is recovered--
6:40 am
and traffic has been recovered. 85 getting a little bit of slowing coming up to cupertino. a very interesting something happened yesterday. san francisco at 4:00 yesterday the temperature changed from 59- 81. in san francisco alone just depends if you had that shallow fog it was cool if not it was very, very warm. you don't see that very well often. in san francisco. in the bay area you do but not in the city alone. the fog yesterday was just right down on the deck. hardly made much of an impact. a few feet away was mild to warm. and it's also lifted a little bit. so low clouds and fog. we do see more of a west or southwest breeze. 60s to 90s. cool for some. hot for others. some of that fog is rather quick. also higher clouds coming up from the south. wrapping around the high up in the sierra nevada it triggered
6:41 am
thunderstorm activity. a little band of those clouds just drifting over us right now. watch to the left of your screen that is a lot of fog filling in. high pressure system still holding its ground. a cap in the atmosphere. the fog can't get up over the coastal hills. there is a stronger serge today than yesterday. 60s for some. 67 fairfield. they do have a stronger west, southwest wind. san jose 62. 52 in san francisco. but 54 santa rosa. west, southwest 16. fairfield had guts to 20. that is usually i hang my hat right on that. if you see cordelia to fairfield, that is a sign that cooler weather is on the way. although for some it will take another day until that system up in the gulf of alaska moves closer. the cooling begins for many today. for some yesterday it started. for more today it will kick in. by thursday and friday we will see temperatures take a big tumble here. low clouds. cool to warm on shore breeze. more of a westerly breeze. high clouds to the south.
6:42 am
drifting over us. mostly sunny. 60s and 70s coast and bay. 80s and 90s inland. 9:antioch. 70 alameda. santa clara 85. 66 in the city. there should be a little more -- 62 santa cruz. more fog cooler on thursday. a rare sight in the sky. a large cloud sweeping over a city. what it is and how it formed. this is scary. three giants fans saw it. what happens when a bat flied out of the hands of one of the players. right now traffic on highway 24 looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel. no fog issues here. we will tell you where it's
6:43 am
beginning to get slow on this wednesday morning commute.
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6:45 am
did you see this? you have to look at it. and we did check on the faa website. all air travel in phoenix, arizona back to normal after this incredible dust storm that swept across arizona. i'm not making this up.
6:46 am
they call this a haboob that is when air is forced downward by a thunderstorm. several communities were under a severe thunderstorm watch until late last night because of this. our time is 6:45. here's a quick look at the other top stories we following for you right now. a search continues for the seven missing fishermen. their boat capsized and sank off the coast of mexico. most of them were from the bay area. the coast guard says water temperatures were warm and that is raising hope that more survivors will be found. san francisco police searching for a woman who threw bleach right into the face of another woman and hit her with a bottle. that happened on connecticut avenue. last night richmond city council voted to approve a controversial id card. anyone that has lived in richmond 15 of the last 30 days will quaff. happening now the new
6:47 am
directer to of the international monetary fund christine lagarde is holding her first news briefing. today is her second day on the fund. she was appointed for a five- year term after the resignation of dominic strauss kahn. previously lagarde was finance of france. the woman's lawyer claims the paper published false and defamatory information about his client to sell newspapers. the paper reported that the woman also worked as a prostitute at the hotel. the post says it stands by its reporting. the 49ers are one step closer to having a new home in santa clara. ktvu kraig debro joins us now from santa clara with new developments in plans to build a stadium there. >> good morning.
6:48 am
the city council is the stadium authority. basically approved a couple of things that is going to help the team build this new stadium when and if this happened. they still need nfl approval. when it gets built it will be built directly across the street from team headquarters. and then it goes right over here across the street. the stadium authority approved a procurement process for businesses. it will be used to hire sub contractors and about half of the construction work. that is about $500 million. the authority also approved a sports marketing sales agency. lends people -- legends premium sales. they are also going to be selling and managing the psls. this company also does work for the new york yankees and dallas cowboys. they will be paid $6 million. they will be selling psls for
6:49 am
this new stadium in january. even if the 49ers had a new stadium right now they still wouldn't be playing games. that's because they are being locked out of all training facilities and stadiums. they locked out to get a new collective bargaining agreement claiming the old one was not making them enough money. 49ers pledged to pay out half the cost of the new stadium which is $937 million. that is the total cost of the stadium. 49ers would pay 49% of that. the city of san francisco hasn't signed off of it. they want to keep the team in san francisco. the nfl owners themselves would have to approve the move down here. still got calls into the people at that meeting last night and e-mails hoping to hear back from them soon. reporting live kraig debro. time now 6:49. the giants lost last night to the padres 5-3. it was especially painful for three giants fans injured by a flying bat.
6:50 am
they were sitting behind the padres dugout when sandoval came up. oh there is the bat. there it is in the stands. it flew. it bounced off the dugout. hit three of the fans there. a woman was taken to the hospital to be checked out. you can see they are putting bandages on her face. two men were also treated there at the stadium. >> i don't think i have ever seen that before. incredible. 6:49 is the time. let's check back in with sal for traffic. all right right now we are still doing pretty well around the bay area. let's go outside and take a look at highway 24 westbound. as you drive over to oakland you have to drive through the tunnel. no major problems doing that. there is a little bit of slow traffic as you do that. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge. it has not become a huge backup. there is certainly slowing there at the toll plaza. it's about 10 minutes maybe a little less than that. if you are driving in oakland
6:51 am
north and southbound 880. 880 northbound completely recovered. 580 is also in pretty decent shape heading west over to the lake shore area. let's go to steve. thanks. plenty of sun. higher clouds out there and we also have a fog bank that is a little thicker today. a little stronger. mostly sunny. it will billion warm to hot. it will be really hot if you are in lake county or points east or south. between it will be cooler today. we have a system that is getting closer. already some of that fog thickening up. there were tremendous differences in temperatures yesterday. in san francisco alone. 59-82 in the city. today we are starting off 50s to 60s. there is a little bit stronger sea breeze. so that is a sign that maybe things are ramping up a little bit. still not very strong at sfo or oakland. more low clouds moved over the bay today than yesterday. it was right down underneath the golden gate. today it's moving over the golden gate. the system in the gulf of alaska is on its way. it might take two days for those that don't get a sea
6:52 am
breeze to feel its cooler effects. today low clouds. 60s and 70s. richmond 80. 98 clear lake. pittsburgh 95. 76 san leandro. 94 morgan hill. 85 santa clara. 82 for redwood city. 68 san bruno. half-moon bay 62. cooler weather for everybody. gets clearer thursday and arrives on friday. how do you feel about the credit agency? you can soon own a piece of one. transunion is going public but has not determined how many shares it will offer or at what price. the other two credit agencies expireon are pubically held. checking in on the numbers live look at the big board. dow jones up about 8 points to 12,578. nasdaq and s & p also posting
6:53 am
slight gains. it follows pretty big losses overnight in asia and in europe. netflix stock opened at record high today. down a bit this morning. the company announced it will expand services to 43 countries in l.a. tin america and the caribbean. netflix already has 23 million sub describers -- sub subscribers. born to pose for the camera. one monkeys curiosity about technology revealed in pictures. good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well here in silicon valley. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open.
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welcome back to the morning news. a hunger strike is growing among california's prison population. inmates at pell can state by prison started the protest last friday. they are demanding better food, clothing and permission to make one phone call a month. inmates at other prisons are refusing meals. the department of correction says it will review the prisoners complaints. the oakland zoo's plans to
6:57 am
expand could pump millions of dollars into the local economy. a new impact report says the project could generate $100 million for the city and county over the next couple of years. the zoo received final approval to move ahead with their upgrades last month. the plans include a new veterinarian hospital and 20 acres of new exhibits. take a moment. you have to see this. a monkey in indonesia stole a photographers camera and snapped very memorable photos of himself. what a nice smile he has. this is one of the pictures showing the monkey smiling. the photographer says by the time he got his camera back, the monkey has taken hundreds of photos. that is pretty good framing. >> it is. you are a photographer. >> yeah. good lighting. nice positioning there. apparently he took some pictures of the photographer as well. i would like to see those. time now 6:57. sal, i want to know what is happening in the south bay. >> we are seeing more crowding
6:58 am
here on 237. it could be this could be it or it could get worse. also this morning san francisco a little bit of a fog problem here. and on the golden gate bridge it's thick, foggy and damp. cooler inland it will be upper 90s. but temperatures coming down. it will be much more noticeable on thursday even inland areas will cool down on friday. thank you, steve. coming up next on mornings on 2. tragedy struck a bay area family for a second time. three years ago high school football star mike capland died suddenly. plus in the dog house a golden retriever this one quarantined after biting a sheriffs deputies. it's not the dog's first run in with the law.
6:59 am